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Julian Scheid


Julian Scheid is located in Zell-Merl along the picturesque slopes of the Mosel River. Although breathtakingly beautiful it is also one of the most challenging regions to work in. Due to the extremely steep slopes everything in the vineyard must be done by hand and without the help of machinery.  In the summer months heat radiates not only down from the sun but also back up onto the fruit, as well as the farmers by reflecting off the gray slate and quartzite that makes up the vineyards.  

Now in the 4th generation Julian farms his 6.5 hectares of family vineyard organically, working true to nature, promoting biodiversity and natural vegetation to increase the vitality of the soil and his vines. 

All of his wines are spontaneously fermented in a mixture of Moselfuder and stainless-steel tanks. He works with a light hand in the cellar and embraces the character of each vintage. Julian produces honest, authentic wines that are true to their origin with great power, elegance and spice proudly conveying his signature essence and style.

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