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Weingut Liszt


When visiting Bernhard and Theresa Liszt’s Heuriger-Restaurant you’re getting the true farm to table experience. From the bread, the vegetables, the sausage, all the way to the wine; what’s on your table comes from their own biodynamic farm and production in the Leithaberg region of Burgenland, Austria.

The Liszts are at home in Leithapodersdorf, the side of the Leitha Mountains facing Vienna, where the rolling hills of the mountains slowly stretch out into the wide plain of the Vienna Basin. An interplay of warm days and cool nights ensures exceptional fruit, freshness and clarity of the wines. The unique limestone in the area, called Leithakalk, is a remnant of millions of years old marine fossils, which gives the wines their distinctive mineral character.

In the cellar the Liszts rely on the laws of nature, such as native fermentation and gravity. They celebrate the fact that every vintage is different and let each wine show its own character. Their philosophy is “Panta Rhei” - the very nature of life is change; change is not an aspect of life but life itself and to resist change is to resist life.

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