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Located in Thürneustift, a village in the northern most part of Kamptal, Josef Schenter and Julia Nather farm and craft honest wines with a story to tell.

According to ancient Sumerian scripts, Nibiru is the name of a planet that crosses our solar system only every 3,600 years, traveling in the opposite direction than the rest of our planets. The name symbolizes and reflects their philosophy, their willfulness and determination to follow their own direction. 

When taking over Josef’s 3rd generation family winery in 2015 the two knew some changes needed to be made. True holistic and biodynamic farming is implemented with the ultimate goal to convert their vineyards into wild habitats with vines grown throughout. 

The predominately old vines tended to by Nibiru in these cooler reaches of the Kamptal create wines with exceptional liveliness and structure, from Riesling and skin contact Müller Thurgau, to Pet Nats and Blauer Portugieser chilled reds.

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