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Vinarija Mulatsak

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Husband and wife team Michael and Lisa from Vinarija Mulatsák have one mission: revitalize long forgotten orchards and use nature’s treasures to create something great.   The result is wild fermented fruit wine with no additives. Sparkling cider of the highest class! 

With a name true to the spirit of their ciders; Vinarija is the word for winery in Hungarian and Mulatsák is essentially the translation for a raging party.  The ciders they are producing are unlike any others we have ever tasted.  The true essence and power of the apple flavors their ciders convey is addictingly delicious and unrivaled.  All of their ciders are apple based but they also highlight other unusual flavors; our personal favorite being one infused with freshly grated horseradish. 

They are producing their ciders working in the Ancestral Method which we feel contributes to their delicious mouthfeel, intense flavors and justifies their value. Unfiltered, spontaneously fermented and extremely unique. 

Harvesting apples is truly back breaking work and their ciders are a labor of love.  They collaborate with local artists for each label to convey its own story.

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