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About Us

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Baire Wines is a national importer of a small collection of producers. Our portfolio focuses on Organic and Biodynamic wines from Germany and Austria . We pride ourselves on championing a wide range of what these two countries have to offer and strive to show more than the expected. 


Our winemakers represent the next generation who are looking not only to the future by farming consciously to care for our planet for generations to come, but also look to the past. Returning to old, simpler ways of winemaking from days gone by. 

One of the beautiful things about wine is the ability to bring people together to share and connect. We hope to bridge the gap between generations of wine drinkers through our diverse portfolio, blending classic and new school flavors. Drinkability is pivotal to our selections and is always our guide rather than trend or dogma. 

Baire Wines was born out of a shared passion for wine between husband and wife team, Sebastian and Claire.  While living together in Sebastian’s native home of Germany we discovered exceptional wines from both Germany and Austria that weren’t being exported to the US. After returning to Claire’s native California and dearly missing these wines we decided to embark on importing them ourselves and Baire Wines was born.  Baire is a combination of our names, Sebastian’s nickname Basti and Claire, but also represents our philosophy around wine. The wines in our portfolio are bare naked; honest and pure. Clean and true expressions of varietal and terroir lovingly crafted with a hands off approach. We aim to foster a culture of transparency around wine making and a focus on conscious farming that looks towards the health and future of our planet.


Baire Wines currently distributes to retailers and restaurants across California. Outside of California find our distribution partners here

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