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About Us

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Baire Wines was born out of a shared passion for wine between husband and wife team, Claire and Sebastian. 


The name Baire Wines is a combination of our names, Sebastian’s nickname Basti and Claire, but also represents our philosophy around wine. The wines in our portfolio are honest and pure. Clean and true expressions of varietal and terroir lovingly crafted with a hands-off approach. We want to foster a culture of transparency around wine making and a focus on conscious farming that looks towards the health and future of our planet.


Baire Wines is an importer of a small and focused collection of producers. Our portfolio focuses on wines from Germany and Austria along with a handful of California producers. We want to bridge the gap between generations of wine drinkers through our diverse portfolio, blending classic and new school flavors. After all, the beauty of wine is the ability to bring people together to share and connect.


Baire Wines currently distributes to retailers and restaurants across California. Outside of California find our distribution partners here

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