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Daniel Schweizer


Daniel Schweizer is a naturalist to his core.  Hailing from Württemberg, Germany; one of the few areas more known for their red wine production than white wine.  He works with a vast array of varietals from classic favorites like Syrah to more obscure grapes like Samtrot and Muskattrollinger, as well as having a strong focus on working with hybrid varietals (PIWI) due to their strong resistance to disease and ability to farm without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Daniel is combining today’s winemaking knowledge with the craft and the understanding of nature of days gone by. His philosophy shows in the vineyard, where he farms his 3 hectares exclusively with the help of his horses, having recently sold his tractor with the belief that less is more. Working in as much a hands-off approach as possible, he ties his vines with willow branch clippings rather than bringing plastic into the vineyard. He believes that a vineyard can give back more to the land it inhabits and leave it richer than how it began. In his own words “I like it alive in my vineyards. I focus on working with nature, not against it.”

All of his wines are labeled with bottle production, rather than cases. Made in extremely small quantities.

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