Weingut Schutzenhof


Since 1816 the family-run Schützenhof has been producing wine in the south of Austria’s Burgenland. 7 generations of history, craftsmanship and love for the land drive Markus and Kristina Faulhammer. 

Their 25 acres of vineyards are planted on and around Eisenberg, a hill, although not great in elevation, still defining for the region for its soils. Crystalline slate gives the wines a unique and vivid mineral spice. To capture the character of Eisenberg as purely and unadulterated as possible, Schützenhof farms organically, harvests by hand and preserves vines as old as 90 years. 

Besides classic varietals such as Blaufränkisch, Rotburger, Welschriesling and Chardonnay, Schützenhof also prides itself in keeping a distinctive specialty of Southern Burgenland called “Uhudler” alive. These wines are made from direct producing hybrid and North American grape vines. First introduced to Austria 160 years ago to fight the phylloxera plague, these hardy vines thrive without the use of pesticides and create a wine with wild strawberry and musky “foxy” flavor.